Frequently Asked Questions

We want your order to go as smoothly as possible, so we have compiled this section with the most relevant questions, together with brief answers to each one. If you have any further questions, feel free to write us an e-mail: or call our customer service number on: +49 (0) 180 5 009534 14 99 (14 cents/minute)

Presuming, owing to the child day care centre conditions you have to place a separate catering order with us, you can register directly here on the website. For this purpose you need the facility number of your child day care centre [Kita] – a 10-digit number, which you will receive from the child day care centre.

  • Go with the red order button on the rightto the login area.
  • Select “register here“ (under the log-in window).
  • Enter your 10-digit facility number und click on “send“.

A form opens that you should please complete in full and send (your catering order). After this the form appears for the SEPA direct debit, which you only have to print out and sign. Please check the accuracy of your details and send the signed form to MenüPartner.

Post: Menüpartner GmbH, Plauener Str. 161, 13053 Berlin
Fax: 030 540044-601

A signature is absolutely essential in order for meal payments to be debited via a SEPA direct debit mandate.

In addition to the online registration, you will also receive an order form from the school secretary.

Yes, every child is an individual member of the group catering and receives their own customer number.

The participation of your children in the lunch is set up as a regular order so that you do not have to deal with an order. However, you have to cancel the meals for the days, on which your child does not take part herein (e.g. owing to holiday or illness).

If you have cancelled the meals for your child for several days too many you can begin the standing order prematurely again. Register for this purpose here with your personal access data (user name and PIN) in the Internet (red order button on the right).

In exceptional cases, e.g. in case of technical problems, the service center can accept your order under the telephone number +49 (0) 30 540044-85.

  • After the log-in choose »order«
  • Click the requested catering – a checkmark will confirm your selection.
  • Important! In order to complete the order process you must press »send order«.

Everyone gets plenty to eat. The portion sizes are based on recommendations from the German Nutrition Society. Side dishes and vegetable portions are also available to supplement the main meal.

If you do not wish to participate on a particular day, you must cancel your order. This can usually be done early on the morning of the day itself (apart from for breakfast). The deadlines for making, cancelling or changing an order can be found in your contract.

Cancellations should be made online as soon as possible using your access details. Alternatively, you can fax us on +49 (0) 30 540044-601 or call us on +49 (0) 30 540044-85.

MenüPartner always collects the food payments each month in arrears via direct debit. This means that we pre-finance the meals for more than one month. The one-time deposit makes a monthly pre-payment for your meals unnecessary – it thus serves as a customer-friendly simplification of the monthly payments.

The one-time deposit is transferred to a separate account that is not an asset of Menüpartner GmbH. Unlike rental deposits, this deposit is not subject to interest. When the food order has been completed, and when all debts arising from it have been settled, the deposit will be returned to you after 8 weeks (SEPA return credit period).

The one-time deposit must be transferred to an account that is separate from the assets and other business transactions of Menüpartner GmbH. Please therefore only use the transfer form that you received with the order confirmation. To do an online bank transfer, simply use the information from the transfer form.

Yes, every child is an individual member of the group catering with a separate contract.

Yes, as soon as the family receives subsidies from a public department (such as Jobcenter, housing benefit authority, social welfare office), as a rule the lunch in the child day care center is also subsidised. The regulations for this vary in all federal states, towns and municipal authorities.

If your child needs a diet, which deviates from the meal plan owing to a chronic illness or a food allergy/intolerance, please have this certified with a certificate from the doctor. Parents, who have placed a catering order with MenüPartner, have to send the certificate directly to us and additionally inform the head of the child day care center. In order to coordinate the meal plan please contact the head of the kitchen or the kitchen team.

With a combination of several food allergies and certain chronic illnesses our employees from the nutrition counselling will contact you and check whether a suitable special diet can be provided.

In addition you can orientate yourself to the corresponding marking on the meal plan. Allergens, which are liable to marking, are shown here (in line with the Food Information Regulation).

This is subject to certain conditions: Our menus always offer vegetarian dishes and/or alternatives without pork.

As a provider of group catering, we base our services on the quality standards set out by the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE – German Nutrition Society), which, for example, does not recommend a vegan diet.

Your data falls under data protection laws. Additional information can be found in the publication details, the data protection regulations for the online order system, and here.

At the beginning of the following month the money will be debited by direct debit in line with the ordered portions according to the payment list. You can view and download the payment lists in your personal customer account in the Internet order system – retrospectively for up to 4 months.

*BuT = Bildung und Teilhabe

Subsidies for food at the child day care center are dealt with differently within each state and each city/community also has different regulations. You can find more information at the office where you received confirmation of your benefit entitlement.

For further in formation go to:

Your account may be blocked for a number of different reasons. For instance, your bank account has insufficient funds and our direct debit has been “retracted” by your bank.

Please note:
In this case, you will receive additional charges:
a) our processing fee of EUR 3.00
b) Bank fees (where applicable) for the return debit.

our MenüPartner customer account can only be unblocked once you have settled any remaining fees via bank transfer. Please read the reminder carefully! If you have any problems, please contact our customer centre.

Yes. As you have entered your personal data within the framework of a catering order and these have to be kept up-to-date. Here you can send us your changes directly.

The price, which is actually to be paid for the meals for your child, cannot be displayed, because the lunch times are subsidised in various amounts as well as depending on the time and according to personal requirements depending on the federal state/district/town.

Customer conditions can be found in your contract.

In this case you have to terminate your catering order with MenüPartner in writing in line with the deadlines stipulated therein. The termination is possible by post, fax and e-mail.

Still have questions?

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